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Our playground is designed to be a safe place for your children.



Monday - Thursday: 9-3:30pm

Sunday: 12-1pm

General information

Your kids can run, play, and burn off some energy in the Indoor Playground while you enjoy a cup of coffee with a friend and relax in The Café.  Our playground is intended for kids in 4th grade and younger. So whether you need to just get out of the house or you are meeting a few other families for a playdate, we want you to enjoy our space.


First Aid Kits: We have First Aid Kits available at our Information Desk as you enter the building. 

Windsor Road Christian Church is not responsible for bodily injury or lost or stolen items. You and your kiddos play at your own risk.



Do we need masks?

Masks are optional.

Is there a cost to play?

No, there is no cost to play at our playground. We just expect you to have lots of fun while you’re here.


Can I drop off my kids?

No, we do not provide supervision for your children while they are here, so we ask that you remain near the playground while your children are playing.


Can I bring in food?

Yes, you may bring in food and enjoy it in our Café, but we ask that you keep food out of the playground area itself and please clean up afterwards.

Can I rent the facility for my child’s birthday party? WE ARE CURRENTLY NOT ACCEPTING RENTAL REQUESTS.

Yes, you absolutely can. We’d love to be the destination for your child’s special day; however, we only rent the playground space on 2nd & 4th Saturdays from 10am-2pm. If you would like to request the space, please read through our building use policy here and request space or click button to send your request. .

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