Volunteer in Our Community

Local Outreach ministry will continue with our mission to share God's love with our community. Striving to be unshakably committed to His Word, embodying the abundant grace and love that we have been given, we will leave the building.

While we know we are unable to meet everyone’s needs, let’s strive to be like the Jesus in Mathew 9:35, spreading The Word throughout the land, and feeling compassion on the helpless and harassed. 

Local Outreach

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Since 2004, Salt & Light has been connecting families in need with the resources of a community that has been richly blessed. Our mission is to share the love of God by fighting poverty with opportunities that empower people for lasting change.

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DREAAM House is driven to reach excellence in achievement, engagement, and behavioral health among boys and young men ages 5–24 years old. 

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