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New to Faith

Know God

We live in a time when accusations are thrown around freely, labels are used haphazardly, and truth is all but ridiculed. So when we talk about coming to Christ, or becoming a Christian, it just might be helpful to really define what we mean by those phrases. Whether you have a clear understanding of what the Bible teaches about all this, or you are just beginning to explore, HERE is a short and clear explanation of what the Bible teaches about God’s plan for all of us.


Are you interested in digging deeper into what the Bible says about the process of becoming a Christian? Download The Doctrine of Conversion, a short class by theologian Wayne Grudem and listen to it at your own pace.

The Essence of Saving Faith

While becoming a Christian is a simple concept and turning from sin and trusting in Christ is a one-time event, the ongoing life of loving Jesus above all else is anything but easy. God actually promises us that we will have hardship in this life! Nevertheless, God wants us to make Christ our greatest treasure, valuing, loving, and cherishing him above all else, and finding our greatest joy in our relationship with Christ. Take a look at this little BOOKLET to learn more.

Next Steps

Have you recently placed your trust in Christ? Tell someone! One of the greatest joys of the Christian life is sharing with others the hope we have in Christ. The Christian life is meant to be lived out in community with others to help us grow. Learn more about how we grow in our spiritual life HERE.

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