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The Khodakovskys’ focus is on leaders in different professions such as managers, HR, business owners, entrepreneurs and on young professionals. They help Christian leaders share the gospel through their professional connections. They share good news with nonbeliever leaders to help them become Jesus followers. They help leaders grow in professional, personal, and spiritual spheres of life and transform local communities through the gospel.

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Campus Crusade for Christ

Kyiv, Ukraine

Aleksei & Lena Khodakovsky

Joel and Rachel partner with the American church and existing national churches to reignite the missional edge of the church. Through partnership, they strive to utilize culturally appropriate methods to nurture the local church to innovations in youth ministry, disciple-making, and community health. Since 2016, through youth conferences, youth leader trainings, discovery bible studies, disciple-making trainings, discipleship, community health trainings, and microbusiness ministry, 7,000+ people have been baptized, over 12,000 people have heard the gospel, 36 churches have been planted, and 2,500+ discovery bible studies meet weekly throughout Kenya and surrounding countries.

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Christian Missionary Fellowship

Turkana, Kenya

Joel and Rachel Williams

Corazon de Esperanza serves at-risk youth, children, and women. They have the first youth transitional home in Northern Peru, providing for girls who age out of orphan care. They also provide educational scholarships, mentoring and discipleship for youth living in poverty or at-risk situations. The ministry extends to provide training for youth still living in local orphanages and helping them prepare for the day they may age out.

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Corazón de Esperanza

Perú, South America

Robyn Hanson

CTO highlights three cornerstones: Building Men, Preserving our Heritage, Sharing our Faith. CTO is primarily for boys ages 7-20, offering a wide range of year-round outdoor activities. They want kids to know that life is different than what they see on TV or in video games. There’s a life out in God’s creation, and CTO is all about “Guiding the next generation to Christ through the outdoors.” They provide hunting and fishing, while ensuring a wholesome and fun environment in which the participants can grow in their knowledge and reverence of God.

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Cross Trail Outfitters- Illinois


Eric St. Pierre

DREAAM (Driven to Reach Excellence & Academic Achievement for Males) is a community impact, nonprofit organization with a critical mission to reduce the achievement and opportunity gaps among boys and young men ages 3 to 24. To achieve this mission, DREAAM is building a seamless pipeline of hope to disrupt the “school to prison” pipeline and to increase life opportunities. During the pandemic, DREAAM expanded mission to prioritize the whole family with radical hope for the future by providing in-person services to increase remote learning outcomes, social emotional health, and parental involvement.

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Champaign County

Tracy Dace

"To pray for as many people around the world as possible".

The prayer line toll-free number is 1-866-515-9406. They receive toll-free calls from every state in the United States and also all parts of Canada. They also receive cell calls from numerous places in the world and many email prayer requests. Those calling are from many walks of life, including people in churches, the unchurched, homeless shelters, prisons, and from various ethnicities and races. They have cards with the number in truck stops and restaurants, etc., that simply say: Do you need prayer?

The prayer line had on an average of 1,500 calls per month and a social media presence of over 65,000 strong. They are currently looking for additional prayer line volunteers to staff the line. If volunteers can visit their webpage and click on the volunteer link.

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Savoy, Illinois

Mary Ann Simkins

GO Ministries partners with local pastors across the island who desire to redeem people, renew community and restore creation.

John Martinez is in executive leadership in the Dominican Republic for GO ministries. He formerly attended WRCC until he answered the call to the mission field.

WRCC also supports Antonia Lopez, the widow of a former Pastor in the Dominican Republic.

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GO Ministries

Dominican Republic and Haiti

John Martinez

Robbie teaches and mentors students in El Refugio's different internship programs, helping them to develop spiritually and in leadership and ministry skills. He travels widely, connecting to various partner ministries around the country, ministries with great vision, but who are under-resourced and over-worked. Robbie brings his community development background and the resources of El Refugio, helping these dynamic community leaders in what they are already doing, and strengthening relationships across ministries.

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Hacienda El Refugio

Calacalí, Ecuador

Robbie and Stephanie Watson

Hogar de Esperanza (Home of Hope) is an orphanage which offers a loving home and a future to orphaned, abandoned, and abused children in Peru. They are a non-denominational Christian ministry which first opened their doors to homeless children in October 2001, delivering quality care to at-risk children. The children come from a variety of backgrounds including abandonment, extreme poverty, family violence, and abuse. The orphanage provides kids with a safe and loving family environment and an education, as well as a faith-filled atmosphere where they can learn about a God who loves them unconditionally.

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Hogar de Esperanza

Trujillo, Peru

The vision of FCA is to see the world transformed by Jesus Christ through the influence of coaches and athletes. With the incredible influence of coaches in our culture, they recognize the most strategic way to reach more athletes for Christ is to first reach the coach. They seek to engage, equip, and empower coaches to know Christ and to make Him known!

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Illini Land FCA

Champaign, Piatt, and Douglas County

Robbie and Liz Gwinn

International Church is a contextualized church that exists because the nations are here in Champaign-Urbana! Most of our members come from countries where the Gospel of Jesus is not known or is prohibited. It is our prayer that those who come to International Church would know the great love that Christ has for them and that they would be equipped to replicate International Church in their home country with their own families and communities so that all people from every tribe, tongue, and nation may know Jesus!

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International Church

Champaign, IL

Delaney Walsh

College is a time in a person's life when they are making lots of choices about what they believe and what kind of person they want to be. It is an incredibly strategic mission field. Zac and Amy love reaching college students and developing them into future Christian leaders who will change the world around them through their families, churches, and workplaces.

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Intervarsity Christian Fellowship USA

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Zac and Amy George

Mathetes disciples students through music, games, caring, and food at the youth center. The ministry offers free music lessons and a place to "hang out" for students as well as offer Bible studies. They host a worship services led by student bands. The Shewmakers have been missionaries to the Philippines since 1988 and started more than 5 churches as well edited Sunday school material for the Filipino churches. Their mission has included overseeing a medical ministry and a children's home that placed more than 18 children in adoptive homes. They have also participated in a leadership training program, and church planting program.

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Mathetes Philippine Youth ministry

Digos City, Philippines

Rodger and Dixie Shewmaker

The mission of Real Life Families is to strengthen families and promote healthy parent -child relationships...even during those real-life tough moments. Through our free programs, our life-changing parenting support services, and our parents-helping-parents mentorship opportunities, we teach practical parenting tools that encourage positive parent-child interactions leading to healthier social, emotional, cognitive, and moral development in children. Because we understand the importance of a strong family and a healthy parent-child relationship and we realize that a child first knows God through the love of a parent, our mission is to make supporting ALL parents a community priority!

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Real Life Families

Champaign, IL

Christine Leeb

Our mission is to create and develop within the corporate limits of the community, a Godly ministry to the homeless, near homeless, and displaced, where love, respect and dignity can be maintained in the name of Lord Jesus Christ; to provide temporary and permanent resident dwellings, and to teach Godly principles to help each person gain vision and learn how to reach his/her goals. Our goal is to give all that participate an understanding of God’s love, and an invitation to accept it.

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Restoration Urban Ministries

Champaign, IL

Ervin T. Williams

Our mission at Salt & Light is to share God's love by fighting poverty with opportunities that empower people for lasting change. We believe that people struggling with poverty are not projects. We provide our participants access to food, clothing, and household goods, despite financial obstacles. More importantly, we offer a faithful community to empower, affirm, and encourage those in need.
We invite you to support our mission by shopping our stores, volunteering your time and talents, and donating goods and finances. Together, we are changing lives and transforming our community.

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Salt & Light

2 Locations - Champaign & Urbana

Nathan Montgomery

The Furmanovs' ministry is to be true reformers of the Russian Church, to challenge the traditional thinking of Russian people and church leaders, to breed new leaders for the birth of a reformed Church in Russia, and to raise up laity-lead ministries to the churched and the lost, all for the purpose of carrying the truth, love, and fellowship of Christ to the people in Vyborg, Russia and even to the ends of the earth.

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Vyborg Christian Church

Vyborg, Russia

Andre Furmanov

The Barneses’ mission is primarily to the forgotten, abandoned, and often discarded street kids, bar girls/boys, rescued trafficked teens, asylum seekers, and young Thai professionals and entrepreneurs in the city center. They are a "mutual fund" of ministry--teaching English to Thai and asylum seekers, partnering with local churches to develop street kid clubs, mentor/coach Thai pastors and Western missionaries, and serve as catalyst for thinking outside the box to the small and often older congregations in Southern Thailand.

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World Changers International

Sathorn, Bangkok, Thailand

Gary and Javonda Barnes

Eric & Angela have been serving in Southeast Asia with Wycliffe Bible Translators for 23 years. Angela is a country director, managing both teams doing Bible translation for various language groups and also a technical team that writes software for Bible translation. Eric teaches middle and high school for the children of their colleagues and of other Christian workers at a Christian international school. Their daughter, Molly, is in 6th grade at this same school while their son, Gabriel, is studying nursing in Michigan.

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Wycliffe Bible Translators

Southeast Asia

Eric & Angela

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