Elder leadership team

The job of our elders is big picture leadership of the church. They lead the church in establishing vision and direction, maintaining Scriptural doctrines, helping resolve conflict when needed, and overseeing the Senior Minister, who then oversees the staff team. 



Our Deacon team assists the staff in caring for the practical needs of our church family. They deliver meals, care for shut-ins, visit the sick, and encourage the lonely.

Magdi Azer

Randy Boltinghouse

Leroy Candler

Kurt Glosser


Kevin Jackson

Eric Olthoff

Carl Sather

Eric Snodgrass

Elder-Deacon Liaison

Carl Wegel

John Foltz

Tom Grey

Debbie McDermott

Gene McDermott


John Schowalter

Ryan Schriefer

Amanda Shepherd

Steve Shipley

Chuck Simpson

Alaina Snodgrass

Eric Snodgrass

Elder-Deacon Liaison

Mona Stevens