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ASL Interpreters

We're blessed at Windsor Road to have an amazing team of certified and volunteer interpreters who interpret our 9am service each week. 




Interpreter for the Deaf Licensure Act of 2007:

The Licensure Act requires anyone who is providing interpreting services in Illinois to be licensed unless specifically exempted under the Act. 

  • Exemptions. A person working as an interpreter for the deaf in a religious organization shall be exempt from the requirements (of Section 5.)

Stephanie Astorina

Stephanie Astorina has been a certified educational ASL interpreter since 2018, and has been interpreting in the Champaign County area ever since. Stephanie has a background in D/deaf education and wishes to continue her education in Audiology and Speech Pathology in the near future. During her spare time, Stephanie enjoys teaching dance at Art In Motion, playing with her dog Brutus, and volunteering for WRCC. If you have any questions regarding sign language, please let her know, as she is open to answering and assisting in any way she can to further the awareness of accessibility in our community.

Alyssa Combs

Alyssa has been volunteering with the church as interpreter since 2001.

Sarah Loftus

Hilarie Maloney

Hilarie has been volunteering as an interpreter since 2017.

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